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About us

The BuildApps company has been operating since 2019 and specializes in the development of web-projects that can solve and automate tasks for small and medium-sized businesses.

Our most valuable resource is our team. We constantly invest in the training and development of our employees, and we do everything to make BuildApps not just an agency, but a lifestyle and way of thinking. Our experts have a deep understaning of the specifics of various solutions and software products: from the right website interface to modern technologies in online projects.

We love what we do and do it perfectly well, enjoying every project. Our products always solve the task at hand and bring advantages and benefits to our customers.

Leadership team

  • Aleksandr Budyakov

    Head of mobile app development

    Aleksandr Budyakov

  • Ivan Kolosinskyi

    Head of web app development

    Ivan Kolosinskyi

  • Vadym Rybalko

    Head of sales and marketing

    Vadym Rybalko

  • Vladyslav Hulin

    Product Designer

    Vladyslav Hulin

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