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ASKOD Online


ASKOD Online service a is designed to automate the processes of document circulation between legal entities and individuals and provides review, approval, signing, sending, receiving and storing documents in a cloud environment


Askod is an online electronic document management system that allows you to organize work with electronic documents (creation, modification, search), as well as interaction between employees (transfer of documents, issuing tasks, sending notifications, etc.). Also, such a system is called EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems).



Transparency of business processes. Due to the system can monitor all the steps in the organization. Business processes become completely transparent for management and they are easier to control.


Higher performing discipline

According to statistics, 20% of the tasks received are not performed by the employees responsible for them. With full control over all stages of work, the ECM system directly affects the performance discipline of employees.


Lower labor costs for managers and employees

The system reduces the time that employees spend on almost all routine operations with documents: creation, search, approval, etc. Document flow is accelerated. And as a result, all processes in the organization go through faster.

Confidentiality of information is ensured

A data breach can cause millions in losses to an organization. Unlike traditional "paper" workflow, the ECM system provides access to documents strictly in accordance with the assigned user rights. All actions on the document (reading, changing, signing) are recorded.


The requirements of ISO 9000 standards are met

The setting of quality management has now become one of the priority tasks in Russian companies. Among the requirements for the quality management system (QMS) there is a transparently delivered workflow, as well as information interaction between employees.


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