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A CRM that covers most of the organization's processes related to business lending. A full cycle of processing an application - from the moment of an obtaining to the issuance of a loan. Integration with third-party services to obtain more complete information about the loan - credit history, information from registries for legal entities or individuals.

Optimization of the registration of applications for the financial platform, which increased the number of clients by 30%

Even if your product is unique, the offer is profitable, and the working conditions are impeccable, you risk losing customers anyway. The key reasons are a weak technical base, services that do not fulfill their tasks, and outdated solutions. Our company helped PapaFinance, an online loan service, in this situation.

PapaFinance: the challenges of digitalization of financial services that we had to solve.

PapaFinance is an innovative financial platform that provides online financing for small businesses and loans up to 3 million rubles. After launching the platform and analyzing business processes, analysts found that procedures of submitting and processing applications are not efficient. Due to this problem, customers leave at the registration stage, which means that specialists in online loans cannot even get the user's contacts for the successful sale of products over the phone or online. The company's management approached BuildApps to optimize the customer journey and refine the loan platform to improve user experience. After all, the BuildApps portfolio already included similar projects, and customers were always satisfied with the studio's work, which is vital for companies in the digital environment.

Understanding business problems means understanding the main tasks

To solve the main problem of PapaFinance, BuildApps specialists analyzed the functioning of the platform and algorithms for generating and processing applications, as a result of which they formed a key list of tasks:

  • Simplifying registration of applications for different types of loans and financing through the service.
  • Reducing the time for processing an application: from the platform's side and in the context of simplifying the routine for managers of a financial company.
  • Monitoring the customer journey to successfully obtaining a loan.
  • Automation of obtaining information about the counterparty and its financial reliability when deciding to issue a loan.
  • Development of an algorithm for a comprehensive analysis of the customer's solvency.
  • Separation of powers of company employees in the system and the creation of a single space for working with clients.

When the specialists began immersing themselves in the business tasks of a financial company, the leadership of PapaFinance decided to attract more specialists. After all, BuildApps, even at the first stage of interaction, was able to show professionalism and a responsible attitude to the project, which really convinced the customer of the reliability and conscientiousness of this contractor. So, the project team has grown from one developer to 6 people: 4 developers, one technical analyst, and one QA engineer.

Tasks that flow into technical work

The project infrastructure consisted of the server, architecture, and functional interface based on C#, ASP.NET Core, JS, TS, React, MongoDb, PostgreSql, Docker, and Docker compose technologies. Also, the customer required integration with the databases of government agencies, the National Bureau of Credit Histories, and open financial sources. Based on the tasks and technical constraints, BuildApps specialists compiled a detailed list of works for the successful closure of the project:

  • When created in the system, the application goes through several stages, including verification by the verifier, underwriter, credit committee, etc. It is important to note that there can be any number of such checks, until all the necessary data is received.
  • Configuring continuous integration and service health to support data updating. .
  • Development of methods to scale the product depending on the load, customer needs, and business requirements.
  • Strengthening the resilience and fault tolerance of the platform.
  • Creation of roles, separation of rights, powers, and access in the system.
  • Implementation of additional modules and interfaces for integration with new business partners.

But, since the service was created by other specialists, the BuildApps developers faced several difficulties and challenges.

To quickly and efficiently manage the platform's architecture, it was necessary to understand the structure of services and algorithms. It requires an analysis of the technical documentation, which the past performers did not transfer to the client. As a result, the BuildApps developers had to figure out the architecture, code elements, and system dependencies on their own, which significantly extended the project closure period. Despite this, the team completed a huge list of tasks under a tight deadline.

Works that show the result:

BuildApps specialists have performed:

  1. Transferring the service to a more convenient and customizable environment: initially, in the process of scaling — to a virtual server; after completion — to the client's local server.
  2. Building a micro-service and micro-front-end architecture, which made it possible to manage individual modules of the system more flexibly.
  3. Creation of a technical base, environment, and setting up processes for automatic testing of new modules and system algorithms.
  4. Adding an integration system and automatic uploading of information from available databases and registries about customers to optimize the costs of assessing their solvency.
  5. Separation of the roles of the financial company's employees in the system to obtain a clearer and more understandable distribution of powers and work with the client.
  6. Development of an automatic system for testing the platform's performance, identifying and recording information about failures and errors.
  7. Creation of a model for integration with partner services.
  8. Consolidation of all technical details on the platform into updated, detailed, and understandable documentation.

Really noticeable results

As a result of the comprehensive approach of BuildApps specialists to solving business problems of a financial company, the service has become simpler, clearer, and more productive. All applications are processed faster, and employees can automate and monitor loans. The quality of customer processing has also improved: thanks to clear and understandable information from up-to-date registers, the percentage of bad loans has decreased, which has increased the company's profitability. But the main thing is that thanks to integration with services for attracting potential customers and expanding the product line, the main goal has been achieved: an increase in the number of borrowers by more than 30%.

Such productive and systematic work for 12 months by the BuildApps team really impressed the PapaFinance management, and now the company plans to expand the roles of employees in the company, integrate the service with other platforms and marketplaces, and form new financial products.

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