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Petersburg real estate


Mobile client for finding an apartment in residential complex in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The system allows you to book apartments, make pre-orders and find apartments at competitive prices.


Hundreds of people regularly search for apartments, conclude lease agreements with realtors, buy new properties or sell old ones. The growing demand and the accelerated pace of life leave people with less and less time to personally solve such problems. Who would be asked more often for help in these matters? To someone who can solve them not only qualitatively, but also faster than others. A real estate mobile app will give your business a competitive advantage. AgentPN is a professional application only for real estate agencies - partners of Petersburg Real Estate. Search and booking of apartments in the largest database of new buildings in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. A login to the application is by a phone number. Use your favorite work tool wherever you are. Conduct consultations remotely in a place convenient for the client. Access to apartments, mortgage calculator, apartment reservations, as well as a convenient database of your clients - in one application.

  • - Simple and intuitive interface - fast movement between tabs and easy interaction;
  • - Convenient search filters - selection by specified parameters;
  • - Search on the map - demonstration of the object in relation to the location;
  • - Actual apartmentography - data on the availability of apartments and current prices online;
  • - Major developers - access to the exclusive database of Petersburg Real Estate, including Setl City facilities;
  • - Detailed layouts - the layout of the apartment specifying parameters;
  • - Online booking in the application - send requests instantly and do not lose customers;
  • - Presentations for clients - the formation of a commercial proposal and sending to the client It is easy to sell more with Petersburg Real Estate. Join a team of leaders, offer the best for your clients, surprise them with your efficiency and competence. AgentPN is your mobile sales tool;

* Our team took part in the initial stages of development and the first release versions together with the company Notissimus

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