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Landing page for lawyers who help military

Cutting-edge technologies and best practices in web development: how we crafted a single-page site for the human rights center "Pryncyp".

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Elevating Lawyers' Competence: a Landing Page for the "Pryncyp", Human Rights Center

A landing page in 5 days – you can achieve it when professionals who love their craft take on the task. Within this timeframe, we designed and developed a landing page for educational courses offered by the human rights center "Pryncyp".

This marked our second project with the client, having previously collaborated on building a registration platform for lawyers. We'll delve into this and other aspects further.

Challenges on the Path to Success: Unveiling Issues and Addressing Tasks in Our Project

The human rights center "Pryncyp" for military personnel often receives numerous requests from wounded servicemen in need of legal assistance during document processing, payouts, and status changes, as well as military medical and socio-medical expert commissions.

The main goal was to make a landing page that is simple and informative about the course. This would assist lawyers in improving their qualifications, enabling them to offer efficient legal support to the defenders.

We used Agile methods to manage the project, breaking down work into sprints and holding meetings for transparency. We constructed the technical side of the landing page using Next JS for efficient server-side rendering and creating a site map to improve search engine indexing.

What Did We Achieve?

Our client received a convenient and functional landing page. The website features an attractive design and implemented registration and navigation capabilities, enhancing user convenience.

All user-submitted registration requests are securely stored in a reliable backup repository. We paid special attention to information storage to ensure complete accuracy and convenient access for processing future requests or necessary analytical tasks.

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