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Top 5 books for developers

Books give us an understanding of the basics principles and allow to look at common things from a wider perspective. Moreover, it is a great source of new ideas and practices that can be used in work.

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Here are some books recommended by our developers

We are sure you will find them no less useful.

Clean Code, Robert C. Martin. One of the best books about software development. The aim of this book is to explain the principles of writing clean software code. Also includes the chapter about common mistakes all programmers make and how to avoid them.

Pragmatic Programmer, David Thomas. One of those technical books that you will read again and again, finding new ideas each time. The book is filled with both technical and professional advices on how to improve your development process.

Design patterns, Erich Gamma. The book is based on the idea that there are lots of design problems in computer programming and describes the best ways to solve them.

Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code, by Martin Fowler. This book describes the way to improve the design of existing code by refactoring. The bottom line is that making small changes that preserve the code's behavior can have a big impact on improving it.

Introduction to Algorithms, Thomas H. Cormen. This is a comprehensive guide for all readers, from beginners to professionals. Each chapter is relatively self-contained and can be used as a single unit of study. Algorithms are described in English and in pseudocode, so even those who are not very strong in programming can understand.

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