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Top 3 PM tools from our managers

PM tools enable managers to improve project management processes, increase productivity, and enhance communication, leading to a successful project outcome.

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There are many tools used for project management, and the choice of a specific tool depends largely on the needs and preferences of the company. We present the top 3 tools that our managers use to effectively organize not only projects, but also their working day.

Asana is a web and mobile platform created for effective task management and organization, team collaboration, and progress tracking. The program provides tools for team communication, it is possible to distribute tasks among team members, track and report their and the project's progress.

This platform has an integration with popular tools like Zoom, Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Jira and others. All data of this project is stored in the cloud, so the latest modified version of the task/project is available to all participants in real time, which is as convenient as possible.

ClickUp is a cloud-based tool for effective project management, task management, teamwork and progress tracking. The interface is intuitive, it is possible to create personal tasks or even team goals and track progress. The program provides various integrations with such popular tools as Google Drive, Slack and Trello.

Optimizing the work process, increasing efficiency and ensuring maximum transparency are the main things that can be obtained using this tool.

Trello is a project management and task organization tool that uses a board and card system. It allows you to visualize the entire work process, track progress, prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities and effectively communicate with team members. The main goal of the tool is simplicity and visualization of the entire process. The program also integrates with popular and necessary services - Google Sheets, Todo-list, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft, Dropbox and others.

There are many other tools that make your job easier, but it all depends on your needs and your company's strategy.

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