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7 tips for your productivity

Sometimes we can feel tired in our daily life, at work, or during studying. Our productivity can decrease due to various reasons, and we can feel a lack of motivation. However, there is no need to worry too much about it, as productivity can be learned.

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Actual news, scrolling pages with videos and memes, notifications and messages in social networks. The new information era offers many reasons to distract us from work, where you need to finish a project or read a book, don’t forget about sports according to the plan. Often you don't have time to reach for one thing, when something else pops up, and this cycle is repeated every day.

We want to give you seven tips from our Project Managers on how to say "stop" to rush, information overload, and missed deadlines.

1. Make a “To-do list”.

2. Focus on one goal, multitasking kills productivity.

3. Group similar tasks and their consistent execution.

4. Turn off the notifications in a social network, phone, and other distraction factors.

5. Take breaks.

6. Arrange your work area.

7. Do the most difficult tasks first.

Following these tips, you will be able to achieve greater productivity and feel more organized and effective.

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