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Resources for Designers

Designers who are always learning and growing will always be competitive in their field.

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Professional development is crucial for designers, as the field evolves rapidly and constantly undergoes change. Knowledge and skills acquired in the past can become outdated in current practices. 

Our designers are always on the move and have a comprehensive list of resources they use daily to stay up to date.

Here is our list

Designerdailyreport - an online platform providing information for designers and creative professionals. The website features news, events, rankings, and other useful design-related content from around the world. It offers a curated list of platforms, websites, and applications for designers, serving as an excellent tool for improving work quality and developing professional skills.

Medium - an online publishing and content-sharing platform that allows users to write and publish articles on various topics while enabling interaction among its users. The website offers a plethora of articles catering to various design preferences, providing valuable information for both visual designers and those in more technical domains. In short, it's a must-visit resource.

Awwwards - a resource for designers and web developers that evaluates and recognizes the best websites based on design criteria, innovation, and functionality. This website helps gather new ideas and inspiration for projects while keeping up with the latest trends in web design. When seeking something interesting and original, we highly recommend this resource.

Telegraf.design - an informational resource beneficial for designers looking for free yet high-quality design templates. The website offers informative articles and tips on design and provides free templates for designing elements. Additionally, the resource offers design tutorials that can help improve skills and broaden horizons in the field.

UX.pub - is almost an analogue of Ukrainian Medium. This platform provides free access to a vast collection of design books, which can enhance design skills and knowledge. The website is a valuable resource not only for designers, but also for those looking to expand their understanding in this field.

There are numerous resources that designers can utilize for their development. The choice depends on your goals, working style, and preferences. If you haven't yet compiled your ideal must-have list of resources, we recommend using ours.

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