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Steam integration

Steam integration means the ability of software applications to connect and interact with the Steam gaming platform. The integration allows users to access certain advantages of the platform such as the friends list, personal achievements in games, access to the gaming community, etc.

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Our project

The project is a game platform integrated with web 3.0 and allows you to exchange game items for cryptocurrency easily and quickly. Also, the portal presents a set of games of its own development, which allows users to spend time with pleasure in their favorite atmosphere, communicating and interacting with other players

Functional implementation

The integration of the website with any third-party service expands the possibilities of this website for the user.

As part of the development of the game platform, in order to provide users with additional functions, expand and facilitate the method of identification on the site, integration with the Steam API was implemented.

Integration with Steam involved the use of the OAuth 2.0 protocol, which is required for secure user authentication and authorization. This type of protocol allows users to authenticate using Steam, without the need to give the program access to their account data.

This allowed users to access our website through their Steam account, as a result we avoided the need to create a new account and simplified the steps for our users.

Also, the Steam API for activities was implemented as part of the project.

The Steam API is a specific programming interface through which you can interact with the Steam platform. Connecting to the Steam API to retrieve the player's in-game items, as an example that was implemented within the project.

The Steam API has also been integrated to monitor exchange offers on the Steam platform. This made it possible to track trade offers of a particular user, including information about the status of the offer, the date and time it was created, and the items selected.

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