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Development of Features for a Specialized Communicative Platform

Creating a mobile app by the BuildApps team. Implementation of features and functionality that facilitate communication with children who have autism.

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Development of a Payment Model by BuildApps: Challenges, Features, Advantages

Secure transactions, validation of payment tokens, and unlimited possibilities for customizing tariff plans. These are the results achieved by the BuildApps team when implementing a range of software features for one of our clients. Find out how we accomplished this in the following material!

What, Why, and Who?

The client for the project was a specialist working with children with autism. The key idea of the app was to create a platform that simplifies communication, more precisely, providing the opportunity for non-verbal communication with children who have autism.

The product concept was quite simple:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • A set of features to simplify non-verbal communication.
  • An adaptive monetization model for accessing platform capabilities.

This was our starting point when developing features. The project took about four months and is already operating successfully in the market.

Development: Separation of Payment Platforms, Security, Verification

We created two versions of the product, for Android and iOS, based on a cross-platform framework. We adjusted the payment elements and algorithms according to the specifications of each OS and the regulations of Google Play/AppStore.

One of the main challenges was the client's desire to separate the free and paid versions of the program. After weighing all the pros and cons, we agreed that it would be better to release the product in a single version and divide its functionality into access levels: trial (free), basic, and advanced (premium).

Another challenge was implementing a fraud protection system, i.e., protection against payment emulation, rollback of dates on smartphones, package signature forgery, and so on. However, we successfully addressed this challenge as well.

Features: Payment Algorithms, Automation, Access Models

The platform's key feature was user verification and their right to access features. Thus, the payment algorithm itself is based on the basic functions of iOS (StoreKit) and Android (InApp Billing). At the same time, the verification module was created in C# and implemented in the backend of the program.

The uniqueness of this module lies in its ability to identify the unique ID of the transaction token and the user, store data about the purchase of access packages, and block any attempts to forge it. This way, all potential fraudulent attempts in the application are neutralized.

An additional feature is the integration of a flexible subscription model that users can use depending on their current needs. For example, the application includes a trial access system to all features, but it has only a weekly usage limit.

Results: Effective Monetization Model and Increased Revenue

By implementing the mentioned features, we achieved the desired result:

  • Created a secure subscription model.
  • Developed protection against transaction forgery.
  • Utilized a single version of the app.

Now, the client can sell the software solution's functionality, accepting payment conveniently, and the audience can flexibly adjust the frequency and parameters of access payment to the application.

Do you have a similar project to implement? Entrust it to the BuildApps team and receive a ready-made solution within a reasonable timeframe.

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