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Design of the Company's profile website

Web design encompasses the development of functional designs for websites, with a focus on providing attractiveness and user-friendliness for website visitors.

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Our Client

Our project was together with a German company that is engaged in the design, development, and implementation of software solutions that optimize an existing business processes of various companies.

The Task at Hand

The goal was to create a custom web design for the company's website.

Tasks Accomplished by the Designer

Requirements and preferences of the client regarding the website's purpose, target audience, functionality, and design attributes, such as colors, fonts and images were collected.

Competitors and market trends in the German segment were analyzed. This stage is critically important for developing a unique web design as it helps differentiate the website from competing sites.

The next step involved the development of the website layout and sketches. This provided an understanding of the site's overall structure and demonstrated the placement of all elements.

Detailed layouts were developed for the web page design. At this stage, details such as colors, images, buttons, and other design elements were added, making the website realistic.

The final stage involved populating the pages with realistic content, including images and text.

Throughout the workflow, sync-up calls were conducted with the client to ensure synchronization and receive feedback.

The web design services met the requirements of our client. The next step was developing the website based on the design. For more details about the development, please refer to the Portfolio section on our website.

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