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Product Design Services

Order a design service from BuildApps development studio to get a personalized product to bring your company closer to customers.

Our team has highly qualified experts with international cooperation experience with well-known brands and development companies. We successfully apply the knowledge and skills we gained to create design solutions for various digital products.

How Can Design Help Your Business

According to HubSpot, over 88% of users refuse to use a digital solution with poor UX design. Therefore, business owners should focus on developing a convenient, understandable, and attractive product to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

A well-thought-out, harmoniously implemented design can win customers' attention and increase loyalty. In addition, well-designed websites or apps contribute to the following:

Our studio's digital design services will help you achieve these and other business goals and meet your customers' needs 100% of the time.

Our Design Technologies Stack

Our agency's development process of design ideas is based on using proven and reliable innovative technologies. We've been building our tech stack for years. We can quickly provide professional and unique solutions to meet your business needs.


Adobe Creative Cloud



This tool gives you a detailed mockup of your future website or app.

A set of services for creative work on your UX design and processing of photos and videos for your product.

It helps you quickly prototype a user interface and easily make design changes.

A visual editor that will help you create a design for a large-scale project and adjust graphic details.





It will allow you to create a user-friendly interactive design, vivid animation, and graphic elements on your website or app.

Thanks to it, you get an interactive design layout for mobile and desktop apps with detailed visualization.

A single environment for developers and designers that speeds up project work.

An environment for several designers to work together so you can get reliable and thoughtful designs, graphics, animations, and more.

Our Services

The expertise of each team member ensures that you get a fully-fledged, attractive, and effective design solution for any project. Regardless of the project's scale, type, or purpose, we will implement the digital product you need to help your business reach new heights of success.

Web design

Our product designer will develop a website visual according to your requirements, wishes, and goals. With the help of advanced tools, we will design an interactive prototype of the future resource. You can test it yourself to evaluate the convenience for your users. We will also create a user-friendly interface with logically and conveniently placed components, such as data entry fields, text blocks, contact forms, buttons to go to other pages, etc.

Thanks to the formed tech stack and customized communication channels, our work on your idea will have a clear action algorithm. Therefore, you can be sure that you will receive a ready-made website with an exclusive design on time.

UI design

The user interface plays a vital role during the customer's first interaction with the product. The level of user satisfaction and, consequently, the success of your project depends on how attractive and original it is.

User interface development includes the appearance and visual design of a website or mobile app navigation. Our team conducts thorough research on your company's target audience, activities, and market positioning. Based on the results of this analysis and a pre-agreed list of functions the product should perform, we create a prototype and mockups of the app screens.

We also select colors, shapes, fonts, and other graphic details based on your corporate identity. All of this helps us to develop an exclusive and customer-oriented UI design that will attract users at first glance.

UX design

User experience determines how convenient, simple, and fast customers will get what they want from your product. The UX design service includes architecture formation, interactive and visual design development, user path testing, etc.

To combine all the necessary functions in one program and provide your customers with clear navigation, our designers and developers constantly communicate with each other. This allows us to improve the logic of user interaction with the app, make changes in time, and find and fix bugs.

We will implement a UX design for you that will increase the value of your app in the eyes of your target users. They will get an improved user experience.

Design Landing Page

A landing page aims to interest users and push them to purchase or perform a certain action. Design can help you achieve your goals. In our studio, you will find talented experts who can create visual support for advertising components (lists, bulletins, text blocks, etc.) following the company's corporate identity.

You'll get aesthetically pleasing pages with attractive colors and bright elements to grab the attention of potential customers. Thus, we will develop a unique design with you that will help you increase conversion and sales and popularize your brand among the target audience.

CRM design

A customer relationship management system is required to process a large amount of data and perform various functions. Therefore, it is essential to create a design that will make it easier to use. The product design service from our studio includes the creation of the most understandable navigation, scenarios for interacting with the system, dashboard layouts, and screens with information placed on them organically.

Our designers and developers work closely together at every stage of software development. This allows us to fulfill your requirements and wishes as accurately as possible. Thus, you get a convenient CRM system with the possibility of individual customization. It helps to save time on staff training and facilitate their interaction with the software. As a result, you will significantly increase the level of satisfaction of your employees and improve the level of customer service.

Logo and Brand Identity

Logo and corporate identity development are designed to visualize your brand image in customers' eyes and convey the company's main idea. However, design solutions do not always clearly represent an organization's values, mission, and philosophy. Our team thoroughly studies your business, market niche, competitors, and target audience before working on your corporate identity.

We offer to develop a visual solution for your digital products in a single style. Customers will immediately recognize your brand, no matter where they come across your program.

Industry Solutions

We overcome design challenges using years of development experience in various business areas. Our solutions are an opportunity for you to portray the value and advantages of your company visually and to stand out from the competition, thanks to the design that we create personally for you and your business goals.

Crypto services

If you want to draw attention to your online service for buying, selling, or exchanging virtual funds, our team will gladly help you. We will develop layouts with a design solution to your liking and successfully implement them in a digital product.


E-commerce is a highly competitive market. It is essential to immediately interest prospects and demonstrate the key benefits of your service to them. With the experience of our designers, you will get a digital product that will look aesthetically pleasing and have easy navigation, increasing customer retention.

Check out the other works of BuildApps studio to see the professionalism of our design team.


Our Principles That May Influence Your Design Choices

The BuildApps team ensures you get the best tech solutions for your business. We provide product design services to give your project a well-designed visual part that shows the company's spirit, values, and philosophy.

The functionality of the design serves its purpose

Product design should fulfill specific business goals, and therefore the set of functions and their visual implementation is a top priority for our designers. We strive to ensure simple and effective user interaction with your website or app. Thus, we can increase customer satisfaction and, as a result, grow the company's profits.

Customers' positive feelings

The overall level of user satisfaction will depend on the impression made during the first interaction with your product. That's why our production design agency practices a customer-centered UX/UI design. When creating mockups, we pay special attention to the appearance of the future app or website and work on it thoroughly to suit the target audience's interests. This lets you establish a positive emotional connection with customers and turn them into brand advocates.

Brand Recognition

The visual component of your website or app must match your company's corporate identity. Users will immediately understand whose product they are looking at. One of our main principles is adherence to a unified design system when building a digital solution. This approach positively affects the interest in using your website or installing a branded app on a smartphone and the level of customer loyalty and trust. Besides, branding helps to increase traffic and the number of repeat sales.

Devices and browsers

We develop digital design solutions based on where and how people will use an app or website. We test each component manually and automatically to ensure the smooth operation of the product. Thus, the website design will be displayed correctly and open quickly in any browser on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. We also thoroughly test cross-platform apps and those created separately for a particular OS. As a result, you get a reliable product that looks good on various devices and meets the needs of users 24/7.

We invite you to choose our unique and professional design service that will help you improve your brand's visual representation and draw your target audience's attention.

Start improving your business today!