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Mobile Development Services

Provide your customers with the best experience by ordering mobile app development from leading IT specialists.

The BuildApps team consists of international experts with experience in creating mobile products and advising owners and developers of other IT companies. We quickly adapt to the changing world of innovative technologies and always focus on the needs of our customers. Therefore, with us, any of your ideas will become a valuable digital product in the mobile market.

Why Invest in Mobile Development?

Every day, people use one or another mobile program to solve both household and work issues. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store have more than 5.7 million apps, according to the Zippia platform. Their number is growing daily as these digital solutions provide users one-click access to the functions or information they need.

Mobile apps are convenient tools that have a wide range of uses and provide the following:

  • increasing customer engagement and loyalty;

  • collecting information for marketing campaigns;

  • increase brand awareness;

  • improving customer service;

  • increase the company's profitability.

That is why investing in mobile app development is becoming a prerequisite for successful business development in any industry. World-famous corporations and small local enterprises have already appreciated the benefits of this solution.

Access new customer segments

Most people can no longer imagine their lives without mobile devices. Accordingly, everyone has several apps on their phone or tablet, as it is a convenient and fast way to enter the digital world. By ordering mobile app development services from us, you can reach new segments of users, regardless of age, gender, region of residence, etc.

Delight your customers

You can set up push notifications in the app to remind customers about your services or products and inform them about personalized discounts. In addition, short greetings on holidays backed by promotional offers are one of the most effective ways to gain customer loyalty.

Validate your product idea

A financial contribution to development, like any investment, aims to increase profits and improve the company's performance. That's why getting a realistic idea of the prospects for creating a digital product is essential.

"Do you have an idea? Let's discuss it together – book a call with our team today"

Adapt to your clients

A digital product that meets users' needs and provides stable access to the necessary options is 100% likely to remain on the smartphones of the target audience. After analyzing the target audience, we will help you customize your app and make it fully functional and visually appealing.

Combine online and offline

Make your app twice as useful for users by allowing them to work without an internet connection. Such a solution will make the program even more convenient compared to analogs that work only in online mode. In the highly competitive mobile app market, this can play a key role in attracting the attention of potential customers.

Our Mobile Development Services

If you only have an idea, we will help you implement it by developing a product that will be highly competitive in the market. We provide a variety of mobile app development services.

Mobile Design

We develop designs for mobile apps and provide great user interfaces and user experience. You can hire our designers to refine an existing layout or create an attractive visual solution from scratch.

iOS Development

We specialize in building user-friendly apps for iOS-based mobile devices. Regardless of the project's complexity and functional content, we will create a program that will work to promote your business and meet users' needs.

Android Development

Our team develops apps for Android mobile devices. Among other programs, your product will stand out for its high reliability and speed. After all, we use advanced technologies in combination with non-standard approaches to solving typical problems.

Mobile Testing

We provide manual testing of each component and function of the mobile app. Our QA specialists will conduct a full-fledged check of the app under development and the finished product. We also provide you with documentation of the test cases so that you can independently evaluate the product's performance.

Industry Solutions

The mobile app development company BuildApps offers the services of highly qualified experts with experience in various business industries.

Real Estate

Our developers know the ins and outs of real estate companies and other real estate-related businesses. Check out our case studies to learn more.


Our team has extensive experience developing mobile apps for booking goods and services. Check out the case studies to see our expertise.

Food Delivery

Our talents have a knowledge of how to create online food delivery services. Therefore, you can be sure that customers will appreciate your idea.


We have extensive experience developing and integrating CRM systems for various business industries. Find out what areas we work in by reviewing our case studies.


The BuildApps team specializes in creating user-friendly and attractive apps for beauty industries. Look at our case studies to learn how we work on such projects.


We gathered a team of specialists who are experts in creating apps for logistics companies. We know all the intricacies of working in this field, so we can easily create multifunctional products.

Our Mob Development Process

Mobile application development is a crucial process that requires maximum efficiency. Our team immerses itself in your ideas from the very first stages to implement them in the best possible way and meet the needs of your target users to the fullest extent. Check out the stages to learn how we will work on your business project.

Step 1: Gathering requirements

Our manager will be in touch with you from the very beginning to answer any questions. Next, the head of mobile development and, if necessary, our tech leader get involved. Together, we discuss your idea and collect requirements for the mobile application.

Step 2: Expert consultation and workshop

We hold a workshop to discuss the quality criteria for the future product and determine the key requirements based on your wishes. Our expert will provide you with information on the timeframe and cost of the project, as well as help you choose the optimal model of cooperation.

Step 3: Discovery

We start working on a mobile app prototype from the stage of researching your line of business, market niche, and competitors' products. This gives us an understanding of what kind of digital product your target audience needs and what functionality will fully satisfy them.

Step 4: Business analysis

A business analyst joins the team. Based on the previously collected wishes regarding the design and functionality of the product, we formulate all the requirements for the project implementation. At the end of this stage, we get a ready-made technical task for the developers.

Step 5: Preliminary Project estimation

A project manager forms tasks and identifies features broken down into user stories. We estimate the project cost based on this documentation. Next, our development team is presented with a full pool of tasks, which we divide into sprints, discuss, and take into direct development.

Step 6: UI/UX design

We design a mobile application according to the technical specifications. You can track each stage of work and adjust it if necessary. Each developed part of the product is subjected to manual and automated testing. If we find any errors, it is sent for revision. After that, you receive the finished product and all the necessary documentation.

We provide a 45-day warranty period for our mobile products or software development! The warranty period includes correcting any errors or defects detected during the operation of the application.

Benefits of Teaming up With BuildApps

Our team consists of high-level experts who can easily adapt to your needs and work in the way that suits you best. You can also use one of the standard models of cooperation:

  • Fixed Price. Suitable for projects with a fixed budget that need to have established functionality.

  • Time-and-Material. It is used for products that require constant scaling and adding new options.


We build transparent relationships with each of our clients and offer customization of the pipeline, a visual representation of the work process. This way, you can track progress at all stages of your project development in real-time. It also gives you confidence that the team works according to plan and meets deadlines.

In-house expertise

The BuildApps team consists of qualified experts. That's why we don't need to involve third-party specialists to objectively evaluate your idea. Our experience in mobile app development allows us to provide you with reliable solutions for any project.

Tech leadership

Our tech lead will be in touch with you from the very beginning of the project. You will receive a precisely selected tech stack that will ensure high-quality development. We use only proven technologies, including .NET Frameworks and Xamarin. They allow us to develop cross-platform products and standalone apps for Android and iOS operating systems.

Battle-tested processes

We have a proven list of tools and a teamwork algorithm developed over the years. Therefore, we guarantee you a stable cooperation process in compliance with high-quality mobile development standards. Together with you, our experts will create a product that will become popular in the market and help you with further technical support.

Flexibility and fast delivery

We use different methodologies in our project work: Kanban, Agile, and Scrum. This allows us to continuously develop, test, refine, and improve all the components of the future application. Thanks to this approach, you can bring your idea to life and quickly launch it on the market.


We establish communication so you can contact your project manager conveniently and in an accessible format. Developer communication is also well-tuned and includes regular meetings and sprint discussions to ensure the entire team is synchronized in working on your idea.