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The story of creating a website for the “Pryncyp”, Human Rights Center

Design and development of the website, or how we achieved success through collaboration and dedication to our cause.


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During wartime, comprehensive support and legal assistance to the military are vital. This became the main goal of the human rights center "Pryncyp", founded in 2023 by lawyer Masi Nayyem and human rights activist and volunteer Liubov Halan.

The task was simple–creating a user-friendly navigation website where users could quickly find the information they needed. The client chose BuildApps to implement this idea. We'll share more about our fruitful collaboration below.

Brief Background

The BuildApps team has numerous successful projects under its belt, but creating a web resource for the Principle Human Rights Center was more than just a project. It has become a symbol of commitment to high goals and social responsibility. Despite all the challenges, we were able to create a high-quality information support.

So how did it all start? The NGO Principle posted a public request for the development of a mobile application, and we responded to it, as we saw it as an opportunity for fruitful cooperation and implementation of interesting ideas. Despite the fact that we were not the only applicants, the human rights center gave preference to the BuildApps team. In fact, this was the starting point of our work on the project.

Our task was to adapt the Navigator to new challenges, as the legal aid was expanding, which required updating the design and functionality of the site.

Implementation Journey

We adopted progressive methods and approaches to create a website that meets the client's unique needs and expectations:

  • Our team worked within the Scrum framework, using Agile methodology. The scope of work was effectively divided into sprints, each ending with a meeting with the client. This approach showcased the progress made and ensured that the developed features were in line with the client's needs and expectations.
  • We used Next JS for the front end, implementing Server Side Rendering. This made the page load quickly and display content dynamically, enhancing the user experience and optimizing the site's performance on all devices.
  • Google Analytics was integrated into the site to obtain detailed information about visitors. By analyzing their behavior and needs, we optimized content and improved overall functionality according to the audience's needs.
  • Adding Open Graph tags became a key element in enhancing the site's visuals when shared on social media. This allowed us to configure the display of information when sharing links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms.
  • The administrative part of the project was implemented using the CMS Strapi, providing a ready tool for efficient content management through API. We created a personalized builder that allows the client to choose and customize elements according to their unique needs and preferences.

Results That Exceeded Expectations

Thanks to the professionalism of the BuildApps team and an individualized approach, we created a website with a unique design, a global document template search function, and a survey. We also designed a page builder according to the client's specifications and granted complete control over the resource. In other words, the client can add content to the site, edit it, change colors, fonts, and more.

The client was satisfied not only with the functionality and design but also with the professional approach of our team. It was a successful collaboration with everyone contributing, resulting in something beyond just a website.

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