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Mobile Application for the Human Rights Center "Pryncyp"

Develop an app based on the website: how we managed to create a fully functional and convenient resource for the military.


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How We Successfully Developed a Legal App for the Human Rights Center “Pryncyp” in 3 Months

The Human Rights Center "Pryncyp" assists servicemembers in resolving legal issues and aims to create the simplest and most convenient cooperation conditions. To achieve this goal, the client asked us to create an app based on their website.

How We Approached the Project: From Calls to Tech Support

The project was assigned to our mobile development department, including:

  • Project manager
  • Developer
  • Tester

We divided the project into sprints, implementing 1-2 features within each. Overall, our work followed standard steps:

  • Gathering project requirements during calls in the early stages of collaboration. We communicated through a Telegram channel. The project manager provided a report on completed tasks twice a week, and every two weeks, we held a demo call to coordinate the work.
  • Writing the app in React Native. The program required flexibility in screen transitions, so we used the latest React Native Navigation developments, allowing deep linking of different parts of the program, ensuring seamless data exchange between its logical components, and maintaining code support.
  • Using Strapi as a database. We constructed all queries using GraphQL, the primary tool for obtaining data from Strapi.
  • Implementing authorization functionality through Firebase, creating a clear and user-friendly login interface.
  • Firebase JWT token to enhance security. We altered the approach to working with data on Strapi, integrated a survey from an external resource, and completely changed the authentication flow for a more secure login.
  • Design development and updates based on the old website version. We had about 40% of the design ready. We employed Pixel Perfect layout for the remaining 60%, considering screen parameters and device sizes to ensure each UI element matched the layout.
  • Improving UX. We relocated content and section toggles to the bottom of the screen, enhancing usability for people with special needs who can now search for information with one-handed finger gestures.
  • Testing. We ensured that all functions worked correctly and users could quickly switch between screens.

Challenges Overcome and Results Achieved

The main challenge was supporting the app on a large number of Android devices. Thanks to Pixel Perfect, we successfully managed the task and achieved a 99.9% design match to the layout. To make the app as secure as possible with a high-performance login procedure, we used JWT authentication with Firebase.

Result: a working program that fully meets the client's requirements and satisfies user needs in just 2-3 clicks. We continue to collaborate, supporting the app and two previous projects for the Human Rights Center "Pryncyp."

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