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BOP - Website Development to create a Loan Agreement

The company's website is designed in the form of an application that needs to be filled out to obtain a credit contract. Due to the expansion of the company, it needed to be changed to a more modern and dynamic one.


Project screenshot

Our Customer

BOP Finance is an Australian company that helps families arrange intra-family loans. Having a solid agreement between partners helps protect them from future inconveniences.

The Task at Hand

The company’s website links to a form that must be filled out, which then generates a loan agreement between family members. According to the expansion of activities, the company needed to change the current website to a more modern and dynamic one and add an admin part.

Our task was to rewrite the website using a different programming language and develop the admin part, to increase the opportunities for communication with customers who fill out loan forms.

Company Solution

The work was organized according to Agile within the Scrum framework, which included consecutive iterations and regular Demo meetings with the client.

The entire scope of work was carried out using the client's project management tool - Jira.

The Next.JS framework was used to rewrite the website.

The main flow was in the form of steps, certain fields were filled on each step. The final goal was to create a loan agreement, which was sent to an email in PDF format.

The following fields were created: text inputs, percentage inputs, checkboxes, number inputs, radio buttons, dropdown lists and others. Added validation to all fields.

The stitches library was used to stylize the pages.

The Syncfusion library was used to generate the form filled out on the website into a PDF document. So the completed form of the website is generated in a PDF document by software.

The main functionality of the server part was rewritten on .NET 7.0

.NET 7.0 is one of the latest versions of the .NET platform, which allows you to create modern applications using the latest technologies. In this version, the speed and performance of applications is increased; added multi-platform, which allows you to run server applications on different operating systems (Windows, Linux and macOS).

PostgreSQL was used in order to preserve the consistency of the data, transferring them from the previous website. The PostgreSQL database is a powerful data management system used to store, organize and manage large amounts of information.

The Code first approach was used when the database was developed. This approach simplifies the database development process and allows easy saving of data models, providing greater flexibility during changes in these models.

An admin panel was added to the site, authorization to which was  performed using a JWT token. This type of token reduces the risk of data leakage and is more resistant to counterfeiting than other tokens.

Geolocation was connected to Google Maps, so entering the user's address, Google pulls up options with a preference for the users’ home jurisdiction.

The website is adaptive for any type of device: mobile phone, tablet or desktop version.

Technologies Used

Next.JS, React, .NET 7.0, PostgreSQL, Syncfusion.

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