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Cardano Water - Implementation of Blockchain technology

Cardano-Water is a multi-platform company operating in several business lines. Their new project aims to implement blockchain technology and NFT collections and draw public attention to global problems regarding drinking water. The idea is based on charitable contributions from each sold token for the needs of underdeveloped countries.



Project screenshot

Cardano-Water: drinking water problems that the customer wanted to solve by charging commissions from the 10,000 NFT trade for the purchase of clean liquid for people in need

Today, the problem of the lack of clean drinking water in some countries is more urgent than ever. World organizations promote the idea of economy and respect for a valuable natural resource, but at the same time, they sit on their hands and do not look for a solution to this injustice. In contrast, some companies help the population, partially investing commissions for the needs of low-income people. In this case study, you will learn about one of these heroes, Cardano-Water.

Our customer came to us from the UpWork platform, hoping that we would cope with the project and implement it 100%. And we actually did it.

Project picture

Tasks the client delegated to us

The BuildApps team dealt with similar tasks before. Having extensive knowledge in the development of websites and blockchain technology, we prepared for work in advance, smoothing out all the rough edges that usually arise in such projects.

So, the tasks included:

  1. Create a website with a landing page.
  2. Add analytical and administrative tools.

Each transaction for the sale/purchase of goods in the collection has a small commission. This percentage is credited to an account from which the charitable foundation is formed. Upon accumulating a certain amount, it is automatically transferred to volunteers in the target country involved in the water supply to low-income society segments. The goals of the project are based on the following:

  • To draw the attention of people to the problem of drinking water.
  • Create a fundraising tool for selling NFTs.
  • To create a user-friendly website with integrated blockchain technology.
  • Add a water indicator to visualize progress.

Since the ToR was correctly written, and we had experience developing websites, we started to implement the project with no delays.

Project picture

Brainstorming: ideas for developing the product and the first steps towards the goal

Having gotten acquainted with the idea and understanding it, we assembled a team to agree on the project roadmap. As a result, we concluded that the primary tool for attracting the target audience to the problem would be a landing page and a convenient and fast website with FAQ sections and a description of the idea. It is the best advertising tool that increases the awareness of a brand's digital resource on the Internet. So it became a central task to implement.

Project picture

Problem solutions: 2 experts and 1 week for implementation

Having discussed the layout and agreed with the customer, we started working on the project. We involved 2 web development experts. The workflow included the following:

  • Preparing the design by hand and creating the interface.
  • Marking up the SPA page and splitting it into blocks.
  • Adapting the website for different devices using React.js.

The result is a responsive cross-platform interface with a modern design and smooth animation. Thanks to good texts and other page content, we managed to bring the website to the top of Google search results. Since the project is currently in development, it is too early to evaluate its efficiency. We will re-engage to create mobile apps and other resources in the near future.

What we achieved working on this promising project

Our experience helped us immediately focus on the final version and bypass the problem areas of the blockchain landing page. We completed the tasks in less than a month, creating a unique and essential web solution for the customer. As a result, we got:

  • MVP with basic functionality and potential for further development.
  • Attractive design with visualization of the purchase process and charging commission to pay for water.
  • Professional landing page with correct markup and robots.txt settings.
  • High-quality technical support and cooperation in the future.

The client received the best solution on the market that helps to develop a philanthropic NFT startup. The page design draws attention to the pressing problem, and the competent text catches users with thoughtful CTA and descriptions.

Improvements for the client's business: platform upgrade in a month

Since the project is still under development, it is too early to assess it objectively. Вespite this, the idea attracts investors worldwide, providing the startup with the financing for its development. By implementing this part of the IT product, the client received:

  • Convenient and fast tool for attracting the target audience.
  • Efficient landing page with bright and catchy CTAs.
  • The influx of new customers to the target web resource.
  • Funding the startup from various sources.

The roadmap for the project is far from complete, but the goals set by the company deserve respect. One day, Cardano Water will complete its mission and provide the population with clean drinking water. In the meantime, we continue cooperation, developing other components and introducing the customer's idea in the IT world. We are proud that BuildApps plays a significant part in this project.

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