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Chance - development of a Mobile Game

Chance is a mobile game where anyone can become a winner.


Project screenshot

Chance is a mobile game in which participants take turns rolling a dice. The winner is the one who reaches 5,000 points first. Each player has the opportunity to make a final roll that can determine the fate of the game. Hence the game's name, Chance.

Our Client

The app was developed in collaboration with A&Z Development for JK Games LLC.

A&Z Development and JK Games LLC are leading mobile game developers in Ukraine and the USA. Both companies have experience in developing games of various genres. Games from JK Games LLC have been downloaded by millions of users worldwide.

Challenges that Needed to Be Addressed

Our development team was tasked with creating a mobile game with a modern design and an intuitive user interface. The app also needed to support both major platforms – Android and iOS.

An important requirement was the ability to use the app in offline mode. This means that users should be able to enjoy the game even without internet access. After reconnecting, all game-related data should automatically synchronize with the database.

Additionally, we were assigned to conduct comprehensive testing of the software product. This ensured that all requirements and standards were properly met and the app offered users high quality and reliability.

Our Solution

The development of this project was organized according to the Agile methodology within the Scrum framework. The entire scope of work was divided into successive iterations, including demo meetings with the client to showcase the implemented functionality.

To develop this app, we used the Xamarin Forms framework, designed for creating cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

We selected the Xamarin Forms Lottie library to incorporate animations during app development. Lottie animations are high quality and easily scalable, and the Xamarin Forms Lottie library makes adding them to apps simple and fast.

To address the task of launching the app in offline mode, we employed the mobile database Realm. Realm supports real-time synchronization and offers high speed and scalability.

Real-time analytics and error detection significantly accelerated the development process. To achieve this, we used Microsoft.AppCenter.Crashes in conjunction with Serilog.

We utilized the Qase platform for thorough app testing, which allows for describing architecture, creating test scenarios, and developing a regression testing plan.

The app was published on the Google Play and App Store platforms for Android and iOS devices.

Technologies Used

Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Forms Lottie, Realm, Microsoft.AppCenter.Crashes and Serilog, Xamarin Essentials, Rg.Plugins.Popup, MongoDB, and the Qase platform.

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