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Development of DineLocal with React Native

When you only have 1.5 months to release an MVP, you have to partially limit the capabilities of the app.


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DineLocal: Your Pocket-Sized Restaurant Guide

Are you having trouble finding local eateries with pleasant prices and a variety of options? Just install DineLocal. The BuildApps team developed this mobile application to make consumers' lives easier and business owners happier and wealthier.

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Setting Trends With a Startup

We recently had the opportunity to work with an American entrepreneur who deliberately chose to collaborate with the BuildApps company to delegate a project for his small startup. Ray turned out to be an enthusiast who was literally passionate about the idea and dreamed of bringing it to life as quickly as possible.

After several meetings and discussions, we also became imbued with this enthusiasm. So, the project promised to be quite exciting and, in fact, even exceeded expectations. This was because the key idea was to create a non-trivial mobile app with significant scalability potential.

Convenience, Relevance, Freedom of Choice

Ray's project aims to connect food establishment owners (especially restaurateurs) with their target audience. The idea is to implement a multi-component digital infrastructure where each party has its own features and capabilities.

For example, business owners can add their establishments here, and potential customers will find them. Also, one of the points of interest is the notification system, which alerts the audience about new promotions, discounts, special thematic offers, and more.

Therefore, the BuildApps team faced the following tasks:

  • Create a mobile app.
  • Implement a simple administrative panel for business owners.
  • Add navigation components.
  • Synchronize potential events with mobile device calendars.
  • Integrate the notification system.

These tasks formed the basis of our cooperation.

From MVP in 1.5 Months and Beyond

The project was quite ambitious, but Ray already had a set deadline (1.5 months from the start of development) and a release plan. Therefore, including all the product's features and functions in such a short time was not a realistic task. After consulting, we jointly decided to initially release an MVP and then proceed to integrate new modules.

And here's what we did:

  • Developed a mobile application based on React Native.
  • Integrated DB Fire Base and created authentication protocols based on it.
  • Added subscription systems for specific restaurants.
  • Integrated an admin panel for adding establishments and events based on Next.JS and our own Mockups.
  • Used Google API to connect a range of services and partially for calendar synchronization.

A total of 4 specialists were involved in the project: two developers, one tester and one manager.

Successful Launch and Ambitious Plans

The app works and has a fairly decent AppStore and Play Market user base. The startup is entering the investment attraction platform, and we are actively developing new functionality and features for this digital product, with a minimum plan for updates for the next 6 months.

Do you have a fresh idea for implementation? Entrust the creation of the product to the BuildApps team!

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