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KULI - Сatalog of Ukrainian-localized games

KULI is a catalog containing information about available Ukrainian-localized games or the Ukrainian localizers who created them.


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KULI Project is a catalog of Ukrainian-localized games. You can find information about available Ukrainian-localized games or the Ukrainian localizers who created them on the website. The catalog includes information about the game title, genre, platform, release date, and localization status. Additionally, the website provides game reviews and the option to download localizers.

Our Client

Unlocteam is an international team based in Ukraine consisting of experienced translators, editors, managers, and testers who provide game localization services in multiple languages. The company was founded in 2015 and has experience working with over 1000 games. 

Tasks to Be Addressed

Develop a user-friendly and practical design for a platform that allows Ukrainian players to find and enjoy games with Ukrainian localization.

Create a website based on our designed layout, ensuring easy player access to these games and creating an attractive and functional UI section.

Our Solution

The entire development process followed an Agile approach, specifically utilizing the Scrum framework. This allowed for iterative project management, periodic demonstrations of intermediate results to the client, ensuring their satisfaction with the outcomes, and providing opportunities for timely adjustments and feedback.

For front-end and administrative panel development, the NopCommerce framework was used. NopCommerce is a powerful and multifunctional framework based on ASP.NET Core, offering a wide and flexible range of customizable functions to meet the client's needs. With the help of this framework, an appealing and functional interface was created. In developing the admin section, NopCommerce facilitated the creation of core functionality: adding necessary games, using filters, adding descriptions, and other essential details.

In addition, during development, C# and the Razor framework were utilized, allowing the combination of HTML and C# code to create dynamic web pages.

We employed the Microsoft SQL database and the Entity Framework for efficient data storage. The advantages of the Entity Framework lie in its simplification of data management, enabling developers to focus on coding rather than writing complex SQL queries.

Using the JavaScript library jQuery simplified the implementation of various functions and made the website more engaging for user interaction.

Technologies Used

.NET ASP, C#, Razor, MSSQL, Entity Framework, jQuery library, and the NopCommerce framework.

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