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Universal product catalog for Nice for You by BuildApps

How we developed a platform for showcasing custom nail gels and polishes for the Ukrainian manufacturing company.



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The Symbiosis of Beauty and Technology: How We Created a Catalog for the Beauty Product Manufacturer Nice for You

The beauty product presentation platform was a relatively new and intriguing field for our team, so we approached the project with great enthusiasm when working with Nice for You. The entire process took us six months, and we detail it in our case study.

About the Client

Nice for You is a Poltava-based manufacturer and distributor of nail gels, shimmers, and polishes. The client sells their products wholesale and retail and operates their own stores. To streamline internal processes, the manufacturer needed a consolidated product catalog.

They contacted us after having heard about us from a previous client.

Tasks, Challenges, and Solutions That Led Our Team to Success

The client's primary request was to develop a universal platform resembling an electronic catalog. To accomplish this, we assembled a team of four professionals:

  • Project Manager
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Designer

Before starting the work, we conducted an introductory call with the client and formulated initial requirements. This was followed by consultation with the team of architects and further communication with the client. In the end, we compiled a final list of requirements.

Subsequently, we took the following steps:

  • Design layout implementation and approval.
  • Development was divided into sprints.
  • Reporting on the results of each sprint.
  • Establishment of a CI/CD process for adding builds to AppCenter, allowing the client to test the product independently.

A key challenge was ensuring the catalog worked on Android, Windows, and Linux. To address this, our team utilized the Avalonia technology specifically designed for cross-platform applications.

We also devised the application logic: clients could create configurations on Windows and then transfer them to Android or Linux. In other words, the platform is used on:

  • Android: on sellers' tablets for product demonstrations.
  • Linux: in stores on touch monitors.
  • Windows: for editing or updating product positions.

We provided deep customization, allowing you to change everything in the app, from fonts to background color. Products are also automatically aligned on a gradient. Manual control is available for selecting nail polish color.

Our Result: Improved Staff Efficiency and a New Approach to Product Demonstration

We developed a product exclusively for internal use, so the catalog does not have general access. However, we know that the app successfully operates on all desired client devices. The platform includes photos and videos of products categorized into sections.

The company's sales representatives use tablets with the installed app for product demonstrations. Linux touch monitors are installed in several stores. The client plans to equip about 50 of their sales points with similar devices for displaying products.

Conclusion of Collaboration and What’s Next?

We continue to actively communicate with the client. Soon, we expect to start work on the company's website and, in the meantime, are working on its design. In the future, we plan to develop a feature for catalog synchronization via the website and create different configurations for individual stores, sales representatives, and devices.

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