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Papa Finance - Online Financing and Lending

Due to the high competition in the lending market and the high demand for loans for business purposes, the speed and the quality of working with clients are much appreciated, and, last but not least, the automation of work with each application. This is where software in the form of CRM comes into play.



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Our customer

Papa Finance is a microcredit organization that provides online financing and loans to small businesses. The main area of its activity is the financial sphere. With this company we worked before the full-scale war started.

Our challenges

To expand its activities, the client wanted to improve the lending platform to simplify users workflow.

We had to analyze the existing documentation of the current lending system, understand the structure of services and algorithms in architecture, code elements, and system dependencies to improve this platform.

Company decision

The work process was conducted according to Agile within the Scrum framework, which included successive iterations and regular demo meetings with the client.

We simplified the process of creating users applications through the online service.

Developed several templates for creating applications depending on the subject of their creation, which made it possible to more accurately choose the approach to each customer.

We automized and shortened the time needed for applications processing, which speeded up manager's work.

To check the customer's credit history, additional third-party services were integrated into the client's current system. We developed an algorithm for automating the analysis of the client's credit history and solvency, which simplified manager's work.

We developed a monitoring system for customers applications. It allows checking the path of the application on each stage.

Created and demarcated the roles of Papa Finance employees in the system, distributed their rights, powers and access levels in the system.

We integrated third-party services and systems to automate the submission of applications to the client's system

Project implementation lasted for 1 year. The team included 6 developers, a project architect and a QA specialist.

Technologies were used

C#, ASP.NET Core, JS, TS, React, Next.js, MongoDb, PostgreSql, Docker and Docker compose, Kafka.

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