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TrueSport: A Case on the Unapparent

The development of a social app becomes quite intriguing when the need arises to integrate TrueSkill algorithms. This is precisely what the experts at BuildApps tackled in the TrueSport project.


Project screenshot

Concept and Background

A client approached our company to create a mobile application to track players' levels in sports such as ping-pong, tennis, and table football.

The key concept involved integrating the rating platform, based on the Gaussian distribution system introduced by the Xbox division, which based on True Skill algorithms. The app was designed to calculate the realistic skill levels of players based on the number of matches and their outcomes.

This information was sufficient for the BuildApps experts to kick off the project. 

TrueSport: TrueSkill Algorithms in the Social Arena by TrueSport and BuildApps Experts

It took around 5 months of work to implement interesting mechanics and conceptual solutions. This is what defines the development of the TrueSport mobile app in our memory.

The efforts of two highly skilled experts resulted in a socially oriented platform for enthusiasts of various sports.

The client received a high-quality IT product that allows players to compete fairly while receiving an objective assessment of their skills. We'll discuss this and more below.


The overall development process took approximately 5 months. During this time, we implemented:

  • Front-end of the app based on .NET MAUI.
  • Player authorization and confirmation system.
  • Integration with Google Maps API for tracking match locations.

The logic of the digital solution looks as follows:

  1. The player registers in the system, providing their data and photo.
  2. They create an event, specifying the type of competition, opponent, and location.
  3. They do a match, e.g., play table tennis with a friend.
  4. Depending on the results, one player reports their victory in the program, and the other confirms defeat.
  5. The system considers the results and generates a rating based on TrueSkill algorithms.

To avoid cheating, the app allows only three rated matches per day and mitigates the impact of results on the rating if there's a significant skill gap between players.


The mobile app created by TrueSport in cooperation with us has undergone closed testing and is now available for anyone eager to compete. As of November 2023, it's in the MVP stage but already has a concept for further upgrades.

The program not only socializes users' sports hobbies but also demonstrates how unconventional solutions can be applied in related or entirely different segments.

We are as satisfied with the development results as our client, anticipating further orders for scaling the app.

Meanwhile, we are open to new projects. So, if you want to develop your own IT solution with an unconventional concept, reach out to BuildApps for assistance!

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