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TurboDispatch - Transportation Management System

The global pandemic dictates its terms to society. Due to the people’s need to stay self-isolated and avoid visits to public places, there is a trend towards the transition to online mode in all areas of life, and sales are no exception. But if buying small goods online no longer surprises anyone, it is still more common to purchase cars offline. However, automakers and dealers are testing new methods of contactless sale and transportation of vehicles. And BuildApps agreed to help them with this.


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Task and Goals

It is necessary to develop the design of a car hauling transportation management system, which includes: a website, an administrative part, a mobile application, as well as a brand for the entire company.


A brand book was developed, which included a description of the brand, its positioning, colors. A logo and identity was developed. In addition, the rules of use and general information about the company and the product are prescribed.

Available to both Carriers and Shippers

A service that allows Carriers and Consignors to quickly and conveniently move vehicles on the same vehicle platform.

TMS System

Ability to manage orders through an advanced TMS system. Check orders and their status, manage drivers and their trips, track shipments, fine-tune and automate the system.

Mobile application

The application is designed for carriers for the fastest and most convenient work with the system. You can take pictures of cars, mark damage, describe all the details, leave comments, take new orders. The application also allows you to confirm the act of transfer of the vehicle by signing and photographs. The application also tracks the status of orders.

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