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Here at BuildApps we are driven by opportunities and perspectives. We create the best projects with our curiosity, experience and capabilities.



A concept illustrating the main idea of ​​a product design. He sets the direction and keeps the team moving forward in the next stages of the creative process.

A prototype designed to test the wildest hypotheses. It ensures the applicability of selected technologies, SDKs, and third-party services.

A technical document that describes the target architecture of the product. He drafts API contracts and reviews the external services and APIs we will be using.


Good design includes thinking through the user journey, developing prototypes of all site pages for all major screen resolutions, as well as the page layouts themselves based on prototypes for all major screen resolutions.


After the development of the design concept, technical confirmation of the concept and technical specifications, we move on to the most difficult and responsible work. We work on the final product design and develop client applications and back office systems. We ensure that web applications go into production and mobile applications appear in app stores.

Quality Control

Often, complex and large-scale projects require constant support, refinement and improvement of functionality in order to achieve their business goals.

We really appreciate long-term and trusting relationships with clients, therefore, when developing a project, we take into account its further support and development.


Our culture is rooted in a shared respect for the skills and perspectives each of us brings, whether you’re an intern or an executive. It’s a culture that allows us to leverage our unique backgrounds and experiences to challenge one another, to lean into being uncomfortable, and to unlearn and relearn as we continually evolve. Together, we’re defining values that we can stand behind and grow from, so everything we create leaves a lasting impact for the better.

The basis of high-quality work is mutual respect within the team and towards its customers.


Our journey begins with research, during which we study and analyze your business goals, target audience pain points and current market trends. If you already have an outdated product, we will continue this step with an audit. A fresh look from the outside allows you to identify the main points of improvement and gain valuable information about the future appearance of your new product. Our audit is comprehensive - we consider both design and technical aspects.

The insights and insights gained during the research and audit phase are brought to life as we create the design concept and develop the technical proof of concept. A design concept is a visual representation of how your product should look and behave. The design concept is tested through proof of concept, a small piece of functionality designed to validate that our ideas are technically feasible.

The stage begins with all the knowledge that we have received in the concept and verification stage. We already know enough about the product (what to build) and the project (how to build). We develop and design the product sprint after sprint, iteratively moving towards the launch of the MVP.

The iterations do not end there - we continue to work on the product after the launch - we refine existing features, add new functionality, work on the reliability of the system.

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