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Software Testing and QA Services

Even a minor error in the program is costly and leads to customer churn. You should provide your target audience with a flawless UX to prevent this. Get comprehensive assistance in identifying and eliminating bugs using the QA testing service from BuildApps.

Benefits of Our QA and Testing Services

BuildApps offers clients a comprehensive approach to testing digital solutions of any scale and complexity. The team's experts have enough experience to analyze IT products in depth, starting from the first stages of their creation.

By cooperating with us, you get:

  • Consistent and logical testing that covers 100% of the components of an app or resource.

  • Dedicated experts with maximum testing skills and knowledge of advanced tools.

  • Comprehensive testing using automatic and manual QA techniques.

  • Full synchronization of the workflow with the development team and transparency of communications.

  • Continuous testing to ensure maximum product quality at all iterations.

  • Full data on the status of the technological solution, reporting, and process cases.

However, this is not a complete list of the benefits of QA testing as a service from BuildApps.


To guarantee the quality of our services to our clients, we focus on self-development and constantly improve the skills of each team member. This helps us meet the highest possible industry standards when working on projects. We also implement our performance evaluation metrics that allow us to increase the quality of the final product.

Key principles of BuildApps:

  • Flexibility in project implementation. We use Agile and Scrum methodologies, synchronizing our own progress with the development team through Jira or other relevant tools.

  • Adaptation to technology.We automate testing and research critical software components, regardless of the tech stack, programming language, etc.

  • Core skills for each project type. We train company employees to work with specific technologies and tools, creating a circle of experts responsible for a particular type of software.

We guarantee the quality of testing of any project, regardless of scale, complexity, etc.


We've been working in the IT industry for more than 4 years as BuildApps and more than 10 years as independent experts. We've created our own strategy for maintaining the highest quality in digital products. It is based on three critical pillars for software QA service:

  • Maximum automation of all processes. We use tools such as Selenium, Cucumber, Postman, Apache-JMeter, etc., to cover almost 100% of the project with tests. We mitigate the risk of human error, speed up work, and reduce resource costs when testing multiple product revisions for different OSs and device types.

  • Flexibility in problem-solving. We always adapt to the project's specifics, focusing on its scale, complexity, tech stack, etc. We also consider previous developments (if the project is transferred to us from other teams). Thus, we can optimally organize the testing process, providing the digital solution with the proper level of support.

  • Project evaluation based on the user's perspective. We understand the needs of the potential audience of an IT product and always try to make it more user-friendly. We pay special attention to UI/UX, the correctness of command processing algorithms, the output of results from back-end components, etc. We combine expert and user views of a digital solution by developing test cases.

This approach guarantees high-quality test results and prevents even minor bugs in the final iteration of an IT product.


Our QA service company offers comprehensive testing of digital products. We use all available tech solutions and tools to ensure 100% coverage of your IT solutions with effective tests.

With our help, you'll eliminate all problems that affect:

  • results of logical operations;

  • display and operation of interface elements;

  • IT product performance;

  • database query processing;

  • user experience;

  • functionality of the program or website;

  • correct operation of integrations and external modules;

  • adaptability of the digital solution to different screens;

  • compatibility with key operating systems.

We ensure the highest possible quality by focusing on thoroughly testing your software. It will allow you to confidently present your digital product to a wide audience.

What Our QA Services Manage

QA service from BuildApps is a whole set of processes that, in addition to checking for errors, includes partial development and project management.

Our services include:

  • Product quality maintenance. Usually, this is not just testing but comprehensive management of the state of the IT solution. This includes: collecting and analyzing bugs, optimization recommendations, monitoring the corrected issues, and project management.

  • Corrections by developers. Sometimes, when detecting non-standard errors or scenarios, the tester points out problem areas or provides recommendations. Depending on the situation, you can take these tips and pass them on to managers to improve the product.

  • Control of version relevance and updates. The tester participates in discussing new tasks because old cases can be duplicated in new iterations, and bugs can migrate between revisions of a digital solution.

As a result, you get a detailed report on the work performed, an analysis of the overall state of the IT project, and suggestions for its modernization.

Test Design Techniques

BuildApps experts focus on test automation, using the most effective techniques for designing scripts, algorithms, and scenarios (plans) for testing a digital product and its components. We create a testing strategy based on the world's top techniques to organize the research process more productively.

Specification-based testing methods (or black box methods):

  • Equivalence partitioning

  • Boundary value analysis

  • Combi testing methods:

    • All combinations

    • Pairwise testing

    • Testing each selection

    • Testing the basic selection

  • Testing the decision table

  • Classification tree method

  • State transition testing

  • Cause and effect graph

  • Scenario testing

  • Random testing

  • Syntax testing

Structure-based testing methods (or white box methods):

  • Statement testing

  • Testing solutions

  • Condition testing:

    • Checking the status of the branch

    • Combined testing of branching conditions

    • Modified Coverage Decision Testing (MCDC)

  • Data flow testing

Experience-based testing methods:

  • Error Guessing

Thus, we try to ensure maximum coverage of the digital solution with tests and eliminate the possibility of errors in the final iterations of the product.

Levels of Our Software Testing Services

Testing services from BuildApps are a comprehensive process of working on a project. We use a traditional but logical division of testing types into levels:

  • module

  • integration

  • system

  • acceptance

Thanks to this, we conduct consistent research on a digital product, ensuring it has the right quality, performance, UX, etc.

Non-functional Testing

In addition to classic functional testing, BuildApps experts focus on other types of testing that are equally important. They include testing:

  • security

  • accessibility

  • efficiency

  • integrity

  • reliability

  • viability

  • usability

  • flexibility

  • scaling

  • reuse

  • interoperability

  • portability

All these tests allow developers to thoroughly check the system for correct operation and usability, evaluate its performance, etc.

Other QA Services

QA customer service from BuildApps also includes:

  • managing the testing process;

  • use of test rails;

  • process synchronization with the development team;

  • native and cross-platform research;

  • local and cloud technologies for testing.

If necessary, the team performs other inspections not included in the basic package. To use them, please contact the company's manager.

Types of Our Software Testing Services

When you work with BuildApps, you get access to the best QA experts in the industry and mobile and web development services. We will provide 100% coverage of your project needs by examining all its components: code, features, integrations, APIs, interface, performance, etc.

Automated Mobile QA

We will conduct in-depth testing of native iOS and Android apps and cross-platform solutions. We use advanced tools like SauceLabs to automate tests and document progress. We will monitor the developers' bug fixes and re-examine the IT product to ensure its stability, usability, and quality.

Manual Mobile QA

Since there are some specific tasks that only manual checks can solve, we will perform them as well, allocating experts to control the quality of your digital solution. We will manually perform repeated or single tests, checking the results in a ready-made test environment or its emulation. This way, we will ensure 100% error elimination.

Automated QA Web

We will conduct a wide range of tests on your website, SPA, PWA, etc. With the help of Selenium, Postman, and Apache-JMeter, we will automate the checks by writing or adapting top algorithms and scripts. We will document the whole process and provide technical information about the state of the product and all its internal and external components, additional systems, etc.

Manual QA Web

Since some tests are too costly or inefficient to automate, we will perform them manually. We will deploy a test environment with parameters that meet the end conditions, connect the necessary tools, and manually test the digital solution. After fixing the bugs, we will additionally test the product to ensure it is entirely bug-free.

How Can a QA Testing Company Help My Business?

The on-time release of a digital product to the target market is one of the components of a business success strategy. BuildApps will help you speed up the implementation of your IT solution and provide you with a quality check. You will present a fully functional website or app to your target audience on time, meeting customer expectations and immediately starting to generate revenue.

Why Choose BuildApps Quality Assurance Testing Services?

BuildApps has been in the industry for over 4 years. During this time, the team has completed 100+ orders for project development and testing. Our experts' experience and skills meet the high standards of the industry, which guarantees you the highest quality digital product optimization services.

By cooperating with us, you'll get:

  • comprehensive implementation of the testing process;

  • dedicated experts for the project;

  • fast deployment and verification of iterations;

  • timely release of the digital solution;

  • high quality of the IT product.

Don't waste time and money by publishing raw builds of digital solutions.

Contact a BuildApps manager and delegate your project to professionals!