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Web Development Services

Provide a personalized customer experience and increase your company's revenue by ordering customized corporate web development.

Our company was founded by experienced developers. We know how to create an effective and reliable web product that meets all your business needs.

Why invest in web development?

Our world is constantly moving towards digitization. According to Forbes, more than 70% of businesses across the globe have their own websites to help them promote their products online. Such web resources help to get to know the target audience better and improve the quality of customer service.

Corporate web products are convenient and affordable tools for:

Digital solutions take businesses to a new level of development by speeding up, improving, and facilitating internal processes. Therefore, investing in developing your website and enterprise software is critical for companies seeking to strengthen and enhance their market position.

Build product users will love

A corporate website's quality, speed, and ease of navigation will determine customers' attitudes toward the company. Therefore, our team uses only proven tools and technologies to implement a reliable web solution.

The web app's appearance is equally important, and our designers can make it in your corporate style. A branded website increases company awareness, inspires trust, and confirms that users interact directly with the company.

Attract new customers

According to Oberlo, over 33% of the world's population purchases or orders services online. This means that every third person can potentially become your customer.

A website that provides the most useful information, has a pleasing design, and has an easy-to-use interface is more likely to attract users. That's why we not only provide web development services but also conduct thorough research of your business, target audience, and market niche to create a product worthy of the attention of new customers.

Create a secure application

A web product for interacting with customers and optimizing internal business processes must perform its intended functions 100% of the time. It also must be safe and easy to use.

We understand how crucial it is for a business to maintain the confidentiality of corporate and customer data, so we pay special attention to software security methods. In addition, all information provided by you during web development by our team also receives reliable protection against unauthorized access.

Our web development services

BuildApps is a dynamic and flexible team that strives to improve its own level of professionalism through continuous learning and gaining new experiences.

We aim to create innovative products and implement non-standard solutions for our clients. We strive to expand our expertise, so we take on projects related to e-commerce and integrating ERP systems into corporate systems.

Our expertise covers the following areas of development:

Web Design

We specialize in graphic design, creating interfaces for web products, taking into account the needs of your business. We focus on what's important to you, so we conduct comprehensive research on your business area and target audience. Based on the results, we develop exclusive designs that attract users and emphasize the corporate spirit of your company.

Our web development services also include motion design, which turns a static image into a dynamic one that attracts attention. It's a great way to engage the user from the first seconds of their visit to the site. Motion design will help you tell your potential customers about your company, products, or services concisely and vividly.

Web App Development

A web app is a user-friendly program that runs in a browser on both mobile and desktop devices. Such apps include SaaS platforms, B2B portals, CRM, and other business process automation systems. With us, you can create a web application of any scale and complexity.

Frontend Development

The frontend is the interface of a web app, i.e., everything that the client sees and interacts with. We develop dynamic solutions based on the needs of users. We also follow the standards for the placement of buttons, data entry fields, and other things to design an easy-to-use interface and simplify the customer's path to the desired result.

Backend Development

The backend is a part of development that consists of hardware and software on the server side and is responsible for the logic of the web product. It is the configuration of the correct interaction of the user interface (frontend) with internal data. We provide backend development services, establish the necessary connections, and test them for the smooth operation of your enterprise software.

We have a full stack of technologies for front-end and back-end development, but if necessary, we can integrate into your internal IT team and take over only one part of the project to speed up its launch.

Our web development process

BuildApps is a web development company that focuses on the client and their goals. When working on each project, we are guided by the Agile methodology, which allows us to:

Step 1: Gathering requirements

The peculiarity of our approach to cooperation with you is that the company's CEO and head of web development are involved in the project discussion at the first stage - the preliminary collection of requirements. This ensures the expertise of future development and allows us to better understand your needs.

Get an expert opinion on your idea - book a consultation with our CEO

Step 2: Expert consultation and workshop

We provide a preliminary assessment of the project based on the initial list of requirements. You also get detailed expert advice on the scope of work, deadlines, and budget at this stage.

Next, we hold a workshop where we:

Step 3: Discovery phase

We always focus on what is important to you. We collect and study all the necessary information about your business, market niche, competitors' solutions, etc.

Our team focuses on the success of the future digital product from the very first stages of cooperation and discusses quality criteria with you. This approach gives us even more insight into how the web product should work to provide you with the best possible results.

Step 4: Business analysis

Next, we involve a business analyst and a web designer. We conduct a business analysis to collect a complete list of requirements for the product and the purposes of its use by future users.

The stage ends with the formation of project documentation:

Step 5: Preliminary Project estimation

Based on the received documentation, we make a final estimate of the project cost. It is formed based on the exact requirements, necessary technologies, and functionality to achieve your business goals.

Depending on your needs, goals, and budget, we offer flexible payment terms.

Step 6: UI/UX design

A team of programmers and designers develops a prototype of a web product. This stage is divided into two parts:

We send the prototype to you for approval, and if necessary, we make changes to the design and finalize the functionality. When the prototype of the web solution fully meets your wishes, it is handed over to the development team.

Step 7: Development

At the stage of direct development, our specialists use modern SPA frameworks like React or Angular to customize the display of information on the website, as well as advanced technologies and tools to build protected and fast performance API using .NET and Node.JS. Next, we build all the necessary integrations (CMS, CRM, ERP, etc.), set up and configure test environments by deploying on cloud platforms like Google Cloud or Azure using an automated CI/CD approach.

Step 8: QA

When the service architecture is built, and the modules are connected, we test them for all the necessary parameters and on different devices. This ensures the web product can be used seamlessly on any device and browser.

For complex corporate systems, the main quality criterion is the speed of interaction and data processing under high load. That's why we pay special attention to load testing, which helps to determine the stability of a web product when many people use it simultaneously. After the testing is completed and the web solution is integrated into your company's work, we provide you with all the necessary documentation.

We provide a warranty period of 45 days!

The warranty includes correcting errors that may occur during the operation of the product.

Web development technologies we use

Web development company BuildApps focuses on the most adaptive, modern, and proven frameworks in web development. Over the years, we have gathered specialists with universal technology stacks suitable for most projects.



A platform for developing web products. We use it for projects that require quick development and easy scaling in the future.


A framework that we use for the rapid development of web applications on the Node.js platform.


A platform from Microsoft that we choose mainly for complex projects that require multithreading and server operations.



An open-source JavaScript library used to create web page interfaces. This is the main tool we recommend for most tasks.


A framework for developing complex web systems with a high load. We use it to implement corporate web products that have a complex display and work with a large amount of data.

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