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3 reasons of decreasing motivation

Are your employees performing worse? Are they working less effectively and quality of tasks is not sufficient? If you notice such issues in your company, pay attention to their motivation.

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Employee motivation plays an important role in the work of any company. Employees act by stagnancy without it, do not take initiative and try to make minimum efforts to fulfill their duties. According to statistics, only 15% of workers worldwide feel motivated. 

Let's consider the main reasons of demotivation

Lack of growth. In most cases, money is only a small part of an employee's motivation. People seek to have defined career goals in order to experience personal growth and progress.

In this case, setting long-term goals will solve the problem. The employee needs to understand what to work on, what to improve, and where to move. This will allow you to track progress and increase motivation.

Bad management. Effective leadership is an important motivation factor for employees. Due to the incompetence of the leader, the employee loses the desire to follow him. Low-skilled managers use simple motivational methods, such as intimidation or fines, and this, in the long term, reduces the employee's interest.

To correct the situation, leaders must have a flexible and individual approach to each team member, must be able to motivate, know when to lend a shoulder and be able to instill confidence. Such an approach guarantees highly motivated employees who are interested in a long-term cooperation.

Lack of feedback. Feedback is a powerful tool for employee development. The manager's indifference to the subordinate's efforts is the strongest source of demotivation. When the work performed by an employee remains unnoticed, a person loses the feeling and desire to do his job better.

It is necessary to have time to provide feedback to employees. Plan personal meetings with each employee, have a frank and honest conversation, take an interest in the employee's life, and most importantly, do it sincerely.

Here's what our employees say about it

"For me personally, money is not the first motivational stimulus. Yes, money is very important, but I can earn it in any company. In the companies that I choose for long-term cooperation, firstly, I appreciate the opportunity to grow. My development is driven by the feedback that my supervisor can provide on a regular basis. The second important thing is the high competence and openness of the management. When a manager is highly competent, I want to learn from him and improve my skills. And because of the openness of the management, I understand that I can convey any of my ideas, even silly ones, and they will be listened to and possibly implemented - and this, again, is about my progress" - Tatyana, project manager.

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