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IT First-year experiences

Year after year, the IT field is becoming increasingly popular. Thousands of people join the IT industry every year, and most have positive experiences from their journey.

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In this article, our team members share their experiences of their first year working in the tech industry.

Vladyslav, Developer: My first year in IT was quite eventful. I discovered a whole galaxy of technologies I didn't know about before, so learning something new became a daily routine. But the learning process never got boring for me; in fact, it allowed me to grow and expand my knowledge. 

Throughout this year, I had the chance to work on various projects that not only elevated my skills but also boosted my confidence. Each project was unique, contributing significantly to my personal growth. 

A huge plus was the fact that the company operated as a cohesive unit, working towards common goals, which motivated me to strive for excellence. In such an environment, I felt valued and understood that I couldn't afford to let anyone down. Having a supportive team, especially when you're just starting out in the field, is crucial, and I consider myself fortunate. 

My team shared their expertise throughout the year and guided me in the right direction. Their experience and attitude towards me were among the most critical factors in my first year on the job.

Tetiana, Project Manager: I transitioned to the IT field from retail after completing project management courses. While I had substantial management, planning, and people management experience in my previous role, I can't say that the transition was easy. 

The most challenging part was the first few months due to the overwhelming amount of new information I needed to absorb quickly. It wasn't just project-specific information; it included a vast array of technical jargon used by colleagues daily, numerous design component names crucial for describing tasks, acronyms, IT slang that make up the everyday lexicon of an IT professional, and much more. 

I was fortunate to have a manager who understood my lack of technical knowledge and patiently explained everything using simple examples. I was also lucky with my team; the guys were willing to share their knowledge, experience, and offered support when needed. 

Over time, I acquired more knowledge, and the process started to feel more familiar and straightforward, but the learning never stopped, it continues to this day. Being a project manager is a broad specialty that demands a wide range of knowledge, including understanding the work of developers, designers, QA, and DevOps, as well as effective communication with clients from different cultures, creating mockups, analyzing and planning, and risk management, among other skills. This is a far cry from traditional management. 

Therefore, my first year in IT was a year of practical learning, as learning doesn't end after project management courses; it's just the beginning.

Oleksandr, Developer: Throughout the year, I kept discovering new things constantly. It all began with learning about the company's structure, followed by understanding how relationships among colleagues were built, and then delving into work-related calls and other forms of communication. 

The next significant milestone was learning about projects, their structure, and understanding the rules the team employed throughout development to enhance the process. Solving problems, utilizing various frameworks, technologies, and everything else—it all seems endless, but that's the beauty of programming. I find my work interesting because there's always something unknown; there's no end to learning, which motivates me to keep moving forward. Now, it may seem that the year went by easily, but when you dissect each situation, there were indeed challenging moments, which is normal. 

I can't help but mention my teammates because, without their help and constant communication, the year could have been much longer and more complex. Your team, your environment, your colleagues' experience, and the company's relationships are crucial things to consider when starting in our field. They not only aid in adapting quickly but also set the direction for future growth.

The IT field is popular and promising, but the first year of work can be challenging. Therefore, having a friendly team and colleagues' support is crucial for a successful adaptation. Learning and development are vital factors for success in IT.

Tatiana Dorosh, project manager   

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