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Project retrospective

A retrospective is one of the key meetings in Agile, which allows the team to review their work and create an improvement plan for the next sprint.

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The main tasks of the retrospective

To review the results of previous sprint and to figure out what was successful and what did not succeed. In this case the team needs to see their goals and failures in order to avoid repeated mistakes in future.

To improve inner communication and collaboration. Retrospectives allow developers to openly share ideas with each other. Better communication between team members increases productivity and leads to better results.

To sum up, retrospective is a meeting that encourages everyone in a team to look for ways of improving working processes and reaching better results. It is a way for a team to learn and create its own path for growth and improvement.

What our developers say about retrospective meetings

"I personally support the practice of retrospectives, as they should help achieve certain goals. Among them, I can point out several main ones for me, namely improving communication, identifying reasons for problems that arise, strengthening motivation, personal development of an employee, and improving development efficiency. However, I think that sometimes it is possible to refuse or postpone this meeting if the team has limited time or resources or when the team is in synergy, shows excellent results and there are no obvious problems to solve." - Dmytro, developer.

"I believe that retrospectives are important, and here are some reasons why. First of all, a retrospective helps to identify some problems at early stages, when it is much easier to fix everything in short terms. Also, it helps the project manager and team leader to better understand the current mood and atmosphere inside the team. During retrospectives, we can discuss process flaws or inefficiencies of a team member's work and brainstorm solutions together. For me, this is a great meeting, and I always actively participate in it." - Dmytro, QA specialist.

In our company, retrospectives allow the team not only to sum up, but to improve the quality of execution of the future sprint or the project in general. As a result, we constantly improve our processes and development skills, which is confirmed by the feedback from our clients.

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