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OnPlay - Interactive Social Network

How interactive can a social network be? After working on the PrankChat project, our team realized that there is no limit to user engagement. With our crazy life tempo, worries, and challenges, people need an app that allows them to relax 100%. And BuildApps created it: the perfect space for communication, funny videos, and exciting pastimes.



Project screenshot

What tasks did we get?

The customer contacted us to develop an entertaining application that would allow users to earn money. The product’s purpose was to attract as many users as possible and let them interact on the platform with the possibility of receiving a mutual benefit.

To achieve this goal, we set several tasks:

  • developing an app for the iOS and Android platforms;
  • software quality assurance through QA and testing;
  • technical support of the app during development and after release;

We had to develop an app that would allow users to relax and earn money at the same time. Its interface was supposed to attract users with simplicity and consistency, and the design should correspond to the purpose of the program: to be bright, optimistic, and memorable.

How was the workflow organized?

Today, work on PrankChat is still ongoing. We use the Agile methodology to develop the product. It allows the customer to coordinate the work of the BuildApps. Another good feature is that it is possible to make changes to the project, conduct intermediate testing, and introduce additional functions during the development process.

The app is a kind of social network for entertainment. It provides for the performance of tasks for a monetary reward and adding video content. After the main functionality was completed, we added a new feature at the customer's request: creating contests with prize funds, determining the winners, and distributing the cash prize between them.

A team of 3 people is working on the project:

  • frontend and backend developer: introduces new components and functions into the app, creates the user interface;
  • tester: controls the quality of the final product;
  • project-manager: checks the implementation of the project, looks for solutions to emerging problems, and communicates with the customer.

How are we moving towards our goals?

To satisfy the demands of today's discerning users, we needed to create a truly unique app that would help the customer stand out from the competition.

What did we do?

  • We discussed the customer’s expectations from the final product, i.e., what goals they had to achieve.
  • We developed an app that allows users to interact, make online payments (fees for participation in contests), and embed video content.

What results did we achieve?

As work on the project continues, it is too early to talk about the final results. However, the app is already available to the customer. It provides maximum interactivity and is scalable. Our software is adapted to the two most popular platforms, iOS and Android, which helps the customer to reach the maximum audience.


BuildApps is working on the PrankChat project, which, after redesign and improvements, has been renamed to OnPlay. We strictly adhere to the agreed deadlines, provide the client with reports on the intermediate results, and adapt to new requirements as much as possible.

Do you want to create an app where the communication and interaction between users will generate income? Invest in the development of high-quality software from BuildApps and implement any business idea at no extra cost!

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