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StromCheque™ - Website promoting Sustainable energy Solutions

StromCheque™ is a website that explores the intersection of two spheres, where the natural and investment environments intertwine, influence each other, and become an integral part of people's everyday lives.



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Our Client

#VANDER.CONSULTING is a Slovak company founded in 2022 in the city of Kosice. The company provides consulting services in investments, innovation, and strategies necessary for growth, sustainability, and stability in business and daily life. The first project we worked on for this company was #VANDER.CONSULTING. You can find an article about this project in the Portfolio section. Within the #VANDER.CONSULTING company, the project StromCheque™ was developed, which is related to long-term methods of combating climate change.

The Task at Hand

The goal was to develop a website that would educate people on how their own investments can impact the environment. The website was designed in Figma.

Our Solution

The project followed an Agile workflow within the Scrum framework. This meant that the project was divided into sequential iterations with regular demo meetings with the client, where we showcased the implemented functionality. We used the Next.js framework as the foundation for developing the website. This framework enables server-side rendering, which improves page loading speed. Additionally, the framework supports a modular structure and TypeScript, making development easier and ensuring high productivity.

The animations were developed using the Swiper.js library. This web library is widely used for creating carousels, sliders, and other interactive elements such as images, videos, text, and other materials that make the page attractive and dynamic. CSS animation was employed to animate images, text, and buttons, adding interactivity to the pages. CSS animation was an ideal choice for the website as it does not compromise its performance.

All images were optimized to enhance loading speed. The website is responsive and can adapt to any device, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Currently, the website supports only two languages, but a language switcher has been added to facilitate the easy addition of additional languages at any time.

The project is scalable, meaning that if there is a need for expansion, it can be easily accomplished. A contact form was added to allow users to submit collaboration requests to the company. SEO optimization was implemented using keywords provided by our client. External links to the company's social media were added to the website. By utilizing routing in the Google Cloud Load Balancer, the website was successfully hosted on the same domain, within the nested address of the main site.

Technologies Used

React-Next.js, TypeScript, and web hosting.

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